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The Salon

The salon is ultra modern made to have an industrial feel, using styling stations designed with Eco-friendly concrete countertops. Concrete pillars surround the room which add to the architectural design. The metallic 3D floors give a sense of depth that make it feel as though you are walking on water. White and black colors with touches of red and steel compliment the stylish look.

Our stylists come to us with nationwide experience in hair design and color expertise. With a combined experience of more than 40 years, it is our desire to provide you with the most possible services.  With that thought in mind, we have also brought in someone specifically trained in men’s straight razor shaves and continue to expand our menu.
With the wide variety of services available and the level of expertise at hand, we are sure to meet your styling wishes.  Make an appointment today and let one of our stylists design and customize the perfect style for you that will exceed your expectations and give you a renewed sense of confidence.

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